Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Go Broke, Die Rich Book Review

So I have started the process of opening a retail store. I am applying for grants, I suppose next will come loans to make up for the difference. I am really aiming for January 1, but as we all know, things happen, so that date is just “penciled” in. But I have been given the opportunity to read some great books, and I am happy to pass along the info to you.

The book that I just finished is called Go Broke, Die Rich and was written by William Manchee. I honestly found this to be an easy book to read and finished most of it in one evening. Mr. Manchee starts each chapter with a new story about how a business owner did or did not do, that aided in the failure, or almost failure of their business. I think this would be great for someone to read on how to avoid some of the misfortunes of others. With that being said, there are also many examples of businesses that were on the verge of failing, but, through great advice, were able to come back and keep their businesses surviving.
Mr. Manchee goes over some things that I expected, looting, giving away a product, and misfortune. But he also went over some not so common things that we hear about such as local, state, and federal tax problems, hoping the problems will go away, and coming back from a failure. 
This is one of many books that I have read on the “to do’s” and “not to do’s” in starting and operating a business, but this is really well written and I have already recommended it to others. Now lets meet the author!
William Manchee as an attorney out of Dallas Texas and practices law with his son Jim, specializing in small businesses. He is married to Janet and they have four children together. He graduated law school from SMU Law School and has over 30 years of experience practicing law. Mr. Manchee has now written 15 books, and has plans to publish one book a year, for the rest of his life.

To read more about Mr. Manchee, and to see the other books he has written please check out his website.
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