Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh What A Day

So I try not to make this a babbling blog, BUT I have had a not so wonderful day. SO I needed to vent. Last night hubby had his turn as putting my 16 month old to bed (we alternate so that we each get to take turns doing the bath then bed thing). An hour after DS went down he started crying, not typical of him, he cried for maybe 10 minutes, but went back to sleep. He did this several times before I finally went up there at 10:30 and he had sharted, so he needed his diaper changed. I changed him, rocked him, put him back in his bed.

2:30 am rolls around. I hit hubby and tell him "your turn" after ehh...30 minutes of hitting him to get up, he rolls out of bed and comes back an hour later. Maybe just wanted to cuddle? Who knows. He IS sprouting a couple of more teeth, so this certainly could have been it, but none-the-less, not normal for him. Since I stopped nursing, he has been sleeping through the night, with no problems, so I am not sure what happened.

Anyhoo, I wake up at the alarm at 6:30 and ya know what shows up Aunt Flow! Now, the only reason that I am even bringing this up is because she is 6 days early from last month and I had my pretty pink thongs on (fingers crossed that they are not ruined), but I am just not liking this never knowing when she is going to pop up. At the beginning I stopped taking birth control pills. This was after the pills, IUD, and ring. It appears that my body will spot CONSTANTLY when I am on any form of birth control. And that just plain sucks. SO I decided to start tracking it myself, I mean OTHER women do this with great success. I downloaded an app for my phone (Period Diary), and I have been using this since (it can track all symptoms, weight, temp, etc) and this particular CLEARLY stated AF was to arrive in SEVEN days, not this morning. Now, with that being said my cycle is all out of whack since I have been on BC for so long, but I guess I didn't realize to what extent.

And to make matters worse I am pretty sure I have a UTI. I haven't had one in so long and I am so miserable. Now I recognize that things could be worse, but I think first day of unknown AF, severe lack of sleep, and a UTI all within a couple hours just made this day pretty crappy. I hope everyone else had a great Wednesday!!


  1. I hope the rest of your week was better! Desiree' from Life with our Family

  2. I hope things look up! UTIs are the worst, and I can definitely relate to a non-sleeping child. UGH!!!

  3. Sorry you had a crappy Wednesday E! Sad I don't get to see you today, maybe next weekend?