Friday, March 2, 2012


All of my WAHM's out there. I am looking for you for a couple of different things. Over the last 2 weeks I have done 2 different giveaways and was able to get 400 likes on my FB (, and another 400 followers on twitter (@ericafilson). I have signed up to participate in 2 cloth diaper giveaways. One is in a couple of weeks the other is in May and I am solicitating WAHM's to get some more likes on your FB and to create a giveaway of our own. I have paid into them to get a direction to my page which will then include the giveaway, I will also be posting about it in several groups and tweeting and putting it out in google +. Here is how it will work, you will be providing a product (cloth diaper - new made by you, butt balm, trainer- made by you, whatever it may be) and in turn I will put a "like" link to your page on the rafflecopter form. You can have up to 3 links, examples are twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+ that will give a +1, +2, +3 etc (amount to be determined based on sponsers) and you just provide the product to the winner. You can either provide a specific product to mail to the winner OR a gift card (credit) of any amount to your store. To be fair everything of value must be at least $10, and must be able to purchase an entire item with shipping included. So if you would like to participate please fill out this document. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (

I am also looking for some WAHM's for review. Here is how this works. You send me a product, I review it and then blog about it here. This will get your name out there. I will post about it on my facebook, twitter, and google+, and pin it on pinterest under whatever category it would fall under. Now to get you even more likes I would suggest that you provide something to giveaway yourself. A gift card, product of choice, product of viewers choice. I will put this into a rafflecopter form and direct readers to like, heart on etsy, follow you on twitter, sign up for your emails, whatever it is that you want, to gain entries into the giveaway. I am also going to add entries linking to "enter another giveaway" which should also bring in more likes from my other giveaways that I would have going on. Please email me for more info and what is needed. Please note this is a tax deduction for you ;-)


  1. same here, i'm looking for stuff to review also...

  2. Thanks for stopping by my page from Alexa Drop Hop. I like the way you wrote this out. I hadn't thought to post this on my blog. I have been emailing companies and wahm's like crazy. I have gotten somewhat decent responses. I am waiting on a diaper to review and do a giveaway on, another diaper cover to review, another toddler item, not sure what it is yet to review, and I believe another giveaway and review item, just waiting on the confirmation for that. Hopefully I can get a few more. I'm signed up for the same two giveaway events, and also for another one for Newbie bloggers in April. If you are interested in that one, I should have the button on my page soon.