Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Cloth Diaper Hop

I have decided to go on a mission to try just about every cloth diaper out there. And not for any other reason but I love the experience. Seeing that my mail has come. opening the mailbox to see a package that I know is fluff, getting to prep my new fluff and then out using it, and doing extra laundry, just so I can get it back on the baby. Yes, new fluff is wonderful!


So as most of you know I run the store Green Baby Goods and put out a question of what my fan's favorite diapers were and one of them had mentioned Groovycheeks. Now until that day I had never heard of them, and I have heard of a lot, so I started looking into them. Groovycheeks offers 2 different types of diapers, both are pockets, but one is has a microfiber insert with a microfleece inner, and the other is their bamboo diaper with 100% bamboo fleece inner. So I contacted them about carrying them in my store, and got in a stock of their bamboo diapers. They asked if I would like to have one to review, and I said ABSOLUTELY! So, in came my fluffy mail!

Here is what sets this diaper apart from the others. The first thing is the inside of the diaper. It is charcoal in color. So, when baby poo's, there is no staining (why aren't more companies doing this?!?!). The second is how trim the insert is and that it is made up of 70% bamboo 30% cotton.

 The outside is made of a very soft material, not PUL, as the PUL is hidden, so it feels more like a pair of shorts, rather than I diaper which was also very appealing!


I added a few in motion shots so that you can really see how trim this diaper really is!

No stains will show
All natural insert
Natural fibers touch baby
One sized

Only comes with one insert. I have a SUPER heavy wetter since he drinks non-stop, so he only lasted about an hour in it

Buy Groovycheeks HERE

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