Monday, May 28, 2012

Love Munchkin Review & Giveaway!


So on Saturday night Hubby and I were sitting on our beautiful new deck that is just a few more finishing touches away from being built, and he starts talking about how his shoulders hurt and how he doesn't feel good, and I said HEY I have this massage oil that I need to try out, want a massage??? I walk into the bathroom and buy the time I am out he has his shirt off and is laying face down on the floor! I took this as a YES.

Now, before I say how that went I want to say this. Love Munchkin makes this as a belly oil, for helping in preventing and treating stretch marks. My stretch marks are awful, yes, they are marks that brought my boys into this world, but are still ugly. I have been applying it to them, but have only been doing so about two weeks. I cannot say that it has helped them yet, but mine are 9 years and 18 months old, so it is going to take something short of a miracle to get these babies gone!

Ok, so back to the massage. It worked beautifully. Very silky and smooth and Hubby was bragging about it to my family the next day. I am not a mssase by any stretch, but it is much easier to do when you have oil to use. And the fact that it serves dual purposes is also nice. I have also been putting it on my legs and my oldest made a comment the other day about how smooth they are. So I will definately say that this is a great product. I love all natural products and I love supporting WAHM's (as all of you know).

I was also telling Linda that DS has ezema. Some days are better than others, and it isn;t terrible, but now that it is summer time, and wearing shorts and short sleeves, he is back to itching it again. So she also sent me the Newborn & Sensitive Skin Oil PLUS Eczema Essentials Addition which is working wonderfully. I can tell when I haven't put it on him, because he is back to itching again. We put it on after bath, and it has a nice lavender scent, perfect for bedtime.


So Love Munchkin has graciously offered to give one lucky reader a gift set of some of her products. The gift basket will include the Belly Oil, Newborn Sensitive Skin Oil, samples for travel, a rubber ducky bath toy, bubble necklace, and Sesame Street book!


The first entry is simple, just hit enter. All others are optional, but please, show her some love and go and like her page!




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  1. I'm most excited about the belly oil. I've had five kids. My belly is a disaster. LOL

  2. I am most excited about the rubber ducky toy, my baby doesn't have any bath toys :(