Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Boppers "Tester" Review

I have recently decided to try the fitted diapers again. DS has been getting rashes and I don't want to give up on cloth so I thought I would try something that is a little more breathable. I have seen many WAHM's lately that have started making the hybrid fitteds. They are just the same as other fitteds BUT they have a hidden layer of polyester fleece in them, making them a little more water proof. I thought...perfect.

So I saw that Little Boppers was putting out a tester of these diapers. I have owned some of her AI2's in the past and they are great diapers. She makes a very high quality diaper and uses the cutest prints. I thought this would be a great time to try one of these out for myself. So with some stalking help :-) I was able to score a M/L hybrid fitted and was super excited when it arrived in the mail that same week! I did the prepping as instructed and put it on DS the next day. Now for WHATEVER reason as soon as I put ANY new diaper on DS, he poops in it immediately....really?? So, ok, first time trying out this super cute diaper, it didn't even last long enough on him to get a picture :-(. OK, now I am doing a load of diaper laundry just so I can get this washed a back on the butt.

Second attempt went much better. I tried the diaper on him, took some photo's and was surprised at how trim it actually was. Anne had said that they were a little bulkier than her other fitteds (which I have not yet had a chance to try) but I thought it looked pretty trim. And it held really good. After a couple of hours I went to go and change DS and I could feel only a slight dampness through the front, which I had to actually feel for. I was impressed.

Now, here is the bad news. DS is a SUPER heavy wetter at night. We use Kawaii GNHW stuffed with hemp, bamboo, and zorb. I tried using this at night with a fleece cover (dampness, lots of it) and an AMP cover (less dampness, but still sheet changing) but in both instances I still had to change sheets and DS woke up upset that he was wet. BUT I still love the diaper. I have yet to try it with the GNHW covering it, but I am pretty sure it would hold up good. It is very soft and made very well. I would give this a 4 out of 5 :-)

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  1. Cute diaper! Thanks for the review.

    I wanted to mention that my DD had rash issues for the first 6 months we cloth diapered until I switched to 7th generation f&c detergent and there have been no rashes since.